What is success?

Success is not what we think of like having a good health, wealth or anything we want. Every person has different Vantage points of Success which I have explained here

What We Can do for Success?

For becoming successful a person has to think every time that he is a successful person, but thinking that you are successful don't rest instead try for the next benchmark.

How I Could Help You to Become Successful?

I am not saying that I am a God or a Magician but still i can help you with my 40% SSubconscious mind and my very unique 6th sense.

How I Could Help You in Success Part 2

Every person think of becoming a successful person in his life, but they don't try hard for this.

My Theory of Learning with Subconscious

Learning is not a one day process and if you want to learn and study a lot in a night then your mind could crashed and in exams you won't remember anything.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How to Manifest What You Want Through My Autosuggestion Technique?

So, Have you become fed up with the so called fortune tellers who, after looking at your hands say's that your future is not bright? 

Before you take the services of an Astrologer you must know that these techniques have a flaw. Some fortune tellers will never tell you the truth hidden behind your hand's lines. Some of them are even not sure what would happen to you in future. They just want to grab some fast cash by putting a hole inside your pocket. Psychic reading is good and there are many Psychic readers who can really help you discover your future, or they can tell you some real details about your life. 

What is Autosuggestion technique?

The most effective techniques that can really help you achieve the greatest victories in your lifetime is autosuggestion techniques. Autosuggestion is the type of views and ideas you put inside your Subconscious mind every day to take benefits. Now you should ask me what is Subconscious mind? A Subconscious mind is like a blueprint of our thoughts, views, ideas and experience we have in our daily life. It is a back end of our Conscious mind. Our Subconscious mind is like an Subjective mind who never argues with you. It takes any ideas and views you give it through your Conscious mind. Let me explain you by a simple example; When someone who is afraid of flying through planes is approached by a person and advised - 'Oh my God! 'Your face is becoming pale. I think you are becoming sick.' This advice would have a negative impact on the person and he should become more scared with this type of suggestion. On the other hand when you approach captain with the same statement he would refuse it. Being a frequent flyer this suggestion won't affect his health and mentality. 

If you want to understand about your Subconscious mind in details than 'The Power of Your Subconscious Mind' written by Joseph Murphy is a best deal you have, available only for some cents. It is like a' 'Penny for your thoughts' and believe me this book is like a miracle. 

You would have listened to your parents saying - 'You can't do that', 'You won't do that', 'You are a fool', 'You are good for nothing' These kinds of statements are called hetrosuggestions. Hetrosuggestions affect a persons abilities and overall performance to great extent. You would not know but they have negative impacts on the nature and behavior of  children. On the other way autosuggestions are positive thoughts that you can imply to  your Subconscious mind. Every person has different mindsets, views, experiences, and behavior. I really can help you designing a perfect autosuggestion for you and sending it to your Subconscious through Telepathy.

How I can help you by my Telepathy?

I have a very special supernatural power that I can connect with people in their dreams through Telepathy. Now if you want to take benefits of my Supernatural powers, all you have to do is to connect through me and I will give you autosuggestions according to your profile. I am doing it for only $5 in Fiverr.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

How to make a Boy Fall in Love with You?

Do you really Love Him?

One misunderstanding between girls which is very common is considering attraction as love. If you are a teenager then you would have experienced a certain kind of attraction towards a boy who is smart, handsome and sexy. If you have this kind of attraction for a boy then don't worry because this is just a hormonal reaction of Estrogen, which is a female hormone. When you reach puberty you gain these hormones rapidly and could feel some changes in your genitals or breasts; like growing of your breast size and development of pubic hairs. These are some common changes which every girl goes through during her teenage days. You would also feel some emotional changes. So if you are a teenager girl and think that it is your first crush then try to consider what I told you about your hormones before considering some one as your soul mate.

What do to if you really Love Him?

Now if you are an adolescent and think that your love against someone is not the effect of hormonal changes then try to convince yourself whether you really love him or this is only affection for his behavior towards you. If you don't know him personally then I would suggest you to first try to grab his attention for you. Believe me unrequited love has no meaning and it would be suggestive for you to forget him. Once you make up your mind that he is your soul mate, try to grab his attention towards you. You can give him some common gifts on special occasions like his birthday to tell him that he has a special place for you in life. Try to go out in watching movies or outings to spend some time with him and try to understand his feelings for you. Don't tell him anything about your feelings until you know his intentions. Once you are sure that he is attracted towards you, and you are ready to tell him about your feelings, choose a date like Valentine day to tell him about your feelings. Choose a nice gift according to his choice.

Take these points in consideration before telling anyone about your feeling: --

· Ask yourself whether this is love or only attraction.
· If you are sure then give yourself some time to understand your affection towards him.
· Try to build some friendship with him.
· Spend some precious time with him.
· Choose a date like Valentine day to propose him.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Free Love Voodoo Spells that really works!

Do you believe in Magic or Voodoo. If not then don't read this article because for the love spell to take effect you need to believe in it. From the prehistoric world voodoo spells are considered as a magic to caste love spells on some one. If you love someone and want to make him/her fall in love with you then you need voodoo love spells which can really work. It is the most effective techniques to make some one fall in love with you. 

Casting voodoo spells is very simple and you can also try it on some one, but remember not to use my spell to hurt some one because I don't support this kind of spells. It doesn't matter whether you are a boy or girl just try to love that person deeply. I would suggest you first to gather his/her attraction on you before trying this spell. Try to believe him/her that you really like him/her and willing to go spend your precious life with him/her. Try to let him/her feel that together you should become a good couple and can spend your whole life in each others dedication.

After attracting him/her do this. Take his/her photo with you and go to bed with a positive thinking that he/she is personally present with you. Now repeat these words:--

By the Virtue of Lord ........................... (Jesus or your religious God) and with the help of Vinay I am conforming you as my soul mate,
I am willing to consider you as my husband/Wife in future,
Together we will live a prosperous life,
So my dear ..................... (His/Her name) now I am casting this spell to tell you how much affection I have for you and your soul.

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How Women can increase their Spiritual and Mental Power from Orgasmic Meditation?

What is Orgasmic Meditation?

An Orgasmic Meditation is a kind of Meditation which involves female orgasm. This kind of Meditation involves two person; A male strocker( he should be your husband or boyfriend) and a female person. Follow these steps to enjoy a proper OM (Orgasmic Meditation): --

  • Now what a female has to do is to totally undress your lower part(below your abdomen) and lay down on a comfortable bed stretching your both legs.
  • Ask you male partner to sit besides you in as shown in the fig.

  • Ask the male partner to message the your legs gently for sometime.
  • Now ask your male partner to allow a little lubricant on your opening of your Vagina.
  • Ask the male partner to hold your opening of Vagina with the thumb of left hands and start strocking your clitoris gently with the four finger.
Note that the strocking should be done gently without any sexual desires to reach Orgasmic Meditation. After strocking for 10 minutes give a break and you can kiss your partner in mean time. Remember that OM is not for sexual pleasure, it has made to experience a new kind of feeling which comes with the release of Oxytocin harmone which is related to women's emotional nervous system and sexual pleasures. You can gain mental and spiritual power by OM. Orgasm is like any other nutrients like Vitamin C, Proteins, Calcium says the famous site OneTaste.us who invented this. Their practitioners have reported the following benefits after OM:--

  • Increase in overall vitality.
  • Increase in Spiritual power.
  • Reduce in stress and makes you stable.   
  • Increases mental strength.
  • Increases Spiritual strength.
These are the experiences of some of the practitioners. If you want to experience it yourself then you have to join their program. 

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Self Hypnotic Orgasmic Meditation(SHOM), a new trend in OM 
There is another trend popular now-a-days in OM which is called Self Hypnotic Orgasmic Meditation or SHOM. Like OM SHOM doesn't need a male partner, it can be done by self hypnosis or telepathy. It gives more increase in Mental and Spiritual powers. I have a great power of Telepathy I am sure I can give you benefits of SHOM, but before you begin with SHOM you must know how to self hypnotize yourself. If you want to experience the powers of SHOM first you have to learn Self Hypnosis. You can visit this site to learn self Hypnosis:--

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How I could help you with your Success part 2?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Most Crucial Block in Your Success "SUICIDAL TENDENCIES" Why Should you die? Part 4

How to Divert your Teenagers ‘Enthusiasm Point’ to do something good?

Believe me or not every child has  ‘Enthusiasm point’ in their mind which inspire them to do something new, to do adventures, to try new things and if you won’t take care of them they will divert to bad habits just because of his/her natural instinct.

Some people also have those tendencies in their mind. You won’t believe but maximum people in this world have thought of committing suicide in their teenage or at any age of their life.

Some people have those tendencies in their gene, but it doesn’t mean that they’ll commit suicide in near future, instead they use their tendencies to do and to achieve something good, they do something adventurous, exciting, new, and innovative.

People who do something adventurous like F1 racing, Bungee jumping, bike racing, jet flying have developed their tendencies to a level that now they are using it for their good sake.

Now parents have to understand what kind of mind your teenagers have :--
·        Do they have a great Enthusiasm point?
·        Do they have those tendencies?

A very great way to indulge your teenagers enthusiasm point is indulging them to extracurricular activities like singing, dancing, skating or anything they want to do.

Remember let them choose what they want to do because if the activity is not according to their interest then their enthusiasm point will divert them to do something else which would be bad or very bad activities.

I have a friend who was very good in giving debates from her early childhood. She told me she enjoys debating and feel very excited when she stand in front of thousand viewers. So you have to understand what qualities your teenager has.

Remember one thing that getting 95 – 99% in your exams is not necessary, I am not saying that don’t try for it, but it’s not possible for everybody to get that much. Nobody will ask how much % did Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Schumacher, Serena Williams, or Tiger Woods got in their High school or inter exams because they are great and if we somehow come to know that their was % not above 90% even we won’t say that they are dumb because they are great personalities and have got the zenith of their ambition.

Tip – ‘Try for it but don’t die for it’ better to know your qualities and your interest.  

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The Most Crucial Block in Your Success "SUICIDAL TENDENCIES" Why Should you die? Part 3

I am not saying that bunking a class for some occasion is bad, even I myself bunked some classes, even you can go to watch a good movie but beware of those bad or very bad friends like I have explained.

So I have explained how a simple good boy/girl could become vulnerable from his/her natural instinct.

Parents need to take some care of their teenage children, just take a watch on them and see whether he/she has those bad or very bad friends.

I am not saying to spy your children totally, give them some space because at that time they need to take some good decisions. Ask them to make some decisions and train them to differentiate between a good and a bad decision.

First of all try to make your child a good decision maker because if he/she is not a good decision maker even he/she is a topper and at any point of time if he/she won’t come to his/her expectations or he/she not come up to your expectations then I am sure he/she will take a bad decision of committing a suicide any time.

Now why all teenagers are diverting to that bad or very bad nature friends, it’s simple because we have made a society of that kind. Now a days being evil is not considered as bad but teenagers called it a ‘dude’.

Ask any teenager from twilight or peepli live which movie would they consider to watch and I am sure maximum of them will say – ‘Twilight’. Fantasies are more attracted for teenagers than some real life movies because fantasies have something new, enthusiastic, evil, and has an adrenaline rush.

Do you know ‘Alexander’ the great warrior who has conquered many empires in around 300 B.C. Alexander said that he don’t like fantasies because he himself experienced the real war, real dead bodies, real wounds. Every time he read those fantasies he realize that this is not the truth and the real truth is what he experienced in all his wars.

A teenagers mind doesn’t differentiate between real stories and fantasies and they make all those vampires and evil people their idle and because of this they make themselves vulnerable.

Why Should you Die? Part 4

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